Almost by accident I came across this lovely series on BBC Sounds called Sketches, a set of programmes about art and people. In it “the writer Anna Freeman presents a showcase of true stories about the meaning of arts in people's lives.”

There appear to have been two series (hopefully there will be more) so far. The first programme I listened to was the very last one entitled, Come Together. At the end of it I was almost in tears. It was such a joy and definitely tied in with my feelings and my beliefs about art and artists; real people creating real art. It’s how art should be!

So go on treat yourself to this real joy of a programme. You will not be disappointed. If you are a radio fan, an art fan, a podcast fan or just a people fan I urge you to listen.

"Art should be for everyone" – Mari Katayama | Tate

Artist Mari Katayama creates hand-sewn sculptures and photographs that prompt conversations and challenge misconceptions about our bodies. B...