Alberta Whittle: accomplices in collaboration

Alberta Whittle is an artist known for her collaborative practice. Through years of nurturing relationships with institutions, performers, artists, and others in her network of accomplices, Alberta has invested herself into building a community with fellow practitioners. In this film, produced to coincide with her current exhibition, Alberta and some of her collaborators discuss the impact of being accomplices in collaboration. Featuring Alberta Whittle, Christian Noelle Charles, Sekai Machache, Goddess Divine Tasinda, Mele Broomes, Richy Carey and Matthew Arthur Williams. Visit the Alberta Whittle | create dangerously exhibition: https://ift.tt/JHobhOU Alberta's website: https://ift.tt/7cK5mdS Facebook: https://ift.tt/8zglWIY Twitter: https://twitter.com/NatGalleriesSco Instagram: https://ift.tt/l7IbcvM Website: https://ift.tt/i0I6vnS

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