Jamie Crewe is an artist based in Glasgow. A beautiful bronze figure with a polished cocotte's head. In this film they speak to us about the role of friction in their work: about exploring queerness, melding the outside with the intimate, and how art can be used to test out thoughts that can't yet be communicated in words. ART & is a new series of films from the National Galleries of Scotland – using contemporary art to explore wider social, political, and cultural themes. Created in collaboration with artists, these films will examine the connections between contemporary art and the world it’s made in. Jamie’s website: https://ift.tt/mlR09L7 Facebook: https://ift.tt/eEhHmgG Twitter: https://twitter.com/NatGalleriesSco Instagram: https://ift.tt/uXtD9om Website: https://ift.tt/EBiDR7Y

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