Unpopular notes on art

The arts find themselves in a very strange place, a place that basically stifles creation. Art today is all about money. Art is no longer art. It has become a product and artists have become brands. It’s all bollocks of course. The more righteous artists are the amateurs. Those that don’t rely on an income from their art to survive. They are the true artists, those that are making art for the love of it and/or because they have something they need to portray to the world. As soon as art becomes connected to money it becomes tainted, sullied and corrupt. I realise there will be those that say that art then becomes a rich person’s pastime.

Art is not a product to be abused. Art is an expression of the soul. I will have nothing to do with the art market. It's got nothing to do with your Vorsprung durch Technik, you know. So shove that up your NFT.

There is no good or bad art. Just art.

You can't judge art. It's all subjective.

Art has no rules. That's why art competitions and prizes are worthless nonsense. They are merely exercises in vanity and sycophancy.
Paul Garrard

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