Amorous Histories - The history of sex podcast

Amorous Histories is a podcast dedicated to exploring sex and sexuality in world history.

As Annie, the creator and host of Amorous Histories says:

"As the name probably suggests we’ll be talking about sex, sexuality and the amorous side of history.

If you’ve found your way here you probably have an interest in the history of sex, sexuality and erotica or you just wondered what an earth amorous histories meant.

We’ll be taking a no-holds-bar look at the world’s sexual history, so this podcast probably isn’t safe for work or any younger listeners.

There are lots of great history podcasts out there, but there was nothing quite scratching my itch so to speak… They say write the book you want to read so in the same vein I’m recording the podcast I want to hear.

We’ll be talking about historical sex from a variety of different time periods, countries and perspectives.

I hope you enjoy taking this dive into the history of sex and sexuality with me."

Check Amorous Histories here for further details

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